Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Comments Fom Last Post

I reeceived some very interesting comments from my last post. (Street Legal Part V). I tried to reply to them but I was not allowed to do so because the comments would have reached over 1000 characters and I will need to upgrade. So I will post my comments here. If anyone else wants to comment please do. This is a topic that may bring insight into a serious societal problem. Thanks.

Jake the Lad stated that we are often frivolous in our treatment of others. I think that is what you meant Jake?

Jake, I believe that our laws are frivolous in allowing people to live on the street. My feeling is that we should be tougher but society does not allow us to force our wills on others. I guess that is our right as individuals - to be frivolous with our lives if we so wish.

Todd V stated that we should not allow our loved ones to live on the street. Very interesting comment.

Todd V, just how do you get someone off the street when they are of age (over 15) and will not go with you or listen to reason? Do you kidnap them and then take them to an institution to deprogram then? What do you do when they run from the institution and go back to the steeet? These are the questions and dilemmas parents whose children are on the street have to deal with all the time. The law does not allow us to kidnap people. If kids are 14 or under the police can pick them up. Other than that, there is nothing we can do. Even being a good parent doesn't always work with some kids. They just don't behave in the ways we expect. Also, no one is coddled on the street Todd V, not aunts trying to help, not kids crying in the park because someone beat them up, no one. It is a very selfish and cruel place. Unfortunately, by the time this lesson is learned by some kids, it is too late. If anyone is coddled it's the street people. Society gives them food, sleeping bags, free clinics, free needle exchanges, clothes, shelter and chances to get off the street. Why don't they? Maybe we give them too much. I don't know. Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you will keep reading my posts as I do yours.

Kevin, what you say is true. All we can do is assure our loved ones that we will help when they are ready to accept it, and of course follow through if they ask for help. Very complicated problems. Thank you for your insight you really said it all.

Esther related a story of concerning what can happen when we try to help.
Esther, these terrible situations with kids happen all over the world. We all try to help but often it ends in disaster. There just doesn't seem to be any way to adequately address this problem.

On my next post, I will conclude my story about Sally and what happened to her after she was brought to the hospital and where she is today.Thank you everyone



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