Thursday, July 08, 2004

Street Legal Part lV

Sally called me again about 2 weeks after she had been turfed from the flop house (Street Legal III) and said she had been living in a nice house with a group of nice people. As a gesture of goodwill towards her roommates, she would like to purchase groceries again, about $200.00 worth. One would think that we had learned from our previous experience regarding groceries and Sally's real need for them. But, we didn't. My husband and I went out to purchase the required groceries and we delivered them to the address provided. Sally was there as were about 10 other people, all of whom lived in the house. Naturally, we expected to be introduced to the householders as we came in with all this loot. No one so much as smiled and certainly there were no "hellos". It was painfully obvious that something was amiss. Sally herself was flitting about in a very agitated manner. She was of course on uppers of some sort. We deposited the food and we had barely crossed the threshold when the door slammmed behind us. My husband, myself and Sally were left standing on the street. I had never been given the bum's rush before but here we were. "O.K. Sally", I said, "Tell us what this is all really about". Sally did not live in this house, but her drug dealers did. She had been using and was unable to pay. She knew that she couldn't hit us up for money, but we were a soft touch for groceries. So in fact, we paid Sally's drug bill with unwanted groceries. Her father had advised in the beginning to not give her anything other than a few dollars now and then. Now we knew why. But still, it's very difficult to harden yourself to such a situation. Had we done so, Sally may have ended up hooking for the payment. Now we had to finally accept that our niece Sally that sweet, gifted child was a liar, hard drug user, and quite possibly was or soon would be a hooker.
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