Thursday, July 15, 2004

Try taking a holiday!

This past weekend was our annual "couples" golf tournament.  Every year in July we go up to our friends cottages (we don't have one, being the poor cousins) for a weekend of golf, partying, blackflies and mosquitos.  Great fun!   We don't golf with our respective husbands and we don't play in the same foursome as our husbands as that would be no fun at all.  The losers the previous years game have to make up the rules for the following year and also have to wait on the rest of us during our post golf party.   This year my husband (A) and his partner had to make up the rules.  Normally, A and his partner win all the time as A is an excellent golfer.  The reason they lost last year and two years ago was because the rules were set to make sure A could not win. (he really likes this kind of attention).  This year A's rules were as follows:  we were allowed to use only 2 to 4 clubs, our choice of club.  The higher the skill level the fewer the clubs. - playing alternate shots.   The first putt was to be played with eyes closed. The second putt could be with eyes open.  Silly rules but we had fun.  I should say that A always plays with between 1 and 3 clubs and shoots in the mid 70's, so he's pretty good.  The rest of us usually need most of our clubs.  He sponsors a "One Club" competition at his golf course every year and he gets a lot of participation, so I guess the guys have fun with this format.  Anyway, my partner and I squeaked by and so we do not have to worry all year about the rules.  We partied Friday night at a nearby summer resort, Saturday we golfed and partied at our friends cottage (it's on an island so we had to boat to it) Sunday we took a long boat ride around the very large lake.  Fabulous cottages everywhere!  We docked at another golf club resort and had lunch.  All in all we were on the water for about 3 hours.  As lovely as it was, I have had my fill of boats for about 5 years!  We left cottage country on Sunday and headed for home.  However, we had to make a further stop for 2 days.  A and some of his usual golf buddies were invited to participate in another golf tournament sponsored by a Casino. Our hotel and expenses were paid by the Casino (as long as you spent your money there). Sunday night we were treated to a great concert by Martina McBride.  She's a beautiful singer and a beautiful person.  Monday A golfed and I went for a walk, lazed around the hotel room, read and slept.  I needed it after 3 days of steady partying!  We were treated to a great dinner and pointed in the direction of the Casino.  Now, I hate gambling.  I don't understand it, it makes me sick to my stomach seeing all that hard earned money disappear, and it's so noisy!  A, on the other hand, just loves it.  He loves the action, the ambience, the high, everything,  His favorite game is craps.  I am relieved to say that A's gambling that night netted us a few more dollars than we walked in the door with.  It could easily have gone the other way and has in the past.  I'm very glad that there are no casinos within an hours drive of our home.  All in all, it turned out to be a very good 4 day weekend. 
However, 4 days are a long time in Blog World and when I returned to my blogger friends I felt like I was out of the loop.  So much had been written by everyone and I'm still not up to date on all the posts.  I must catch up or I will be left behind in the dust!  I was sad to read that The Grave Digger has been put to rest.  I hope he reincarnates somewhere and maybe we can be a part of his new life.  I need a least a week to read all Jakes stories.  The girls are all getting more and more raunchy and I'm  not sure this is at all healthy but, what the hell! AJ's story is both heartbreaking and life affirming.  Leese is not losing it yet nor will she ever, I must try her recipes very soon.  South Africa is calling me and tomorrow is another day. Love to one and all!   


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