Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Golfing with Maddness

On Monday morning, I golfed with three ladies who are all about my calibre. Not too good. This group likes to talk more than golf. One of the women Lyn, has a daughter who is Bi-Polar with schizoaffective tendencies. Lyn has been taking care of her daughter for many years and is worn out. It shows on her face. Lyn also volunteers at our city's major mental health facility. Lately Laci, the daugher, has had a set back and her meds have been changed. She has gained a lot of weight because of the meds. Now Laci is feeling bad, heavily medicated and has lost her good looks, self esteem and confidence. Where the hell is God?


At 4:48 PM, Blogger James said...

I'm looking for Him... when I find Him i'll let you konw!

really though, i've noticed in my life, i never blame God when something good happens, but he's always the first person i blame when something bad happens.

All I know is that God is there. He knows what's going on. There are reasons he doesn't move when we want him to. I don't know them all. I hope I never do.

You seem to be someone looking for more. Keep searching for it... you'll find it. All the best to you!


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