Monday, May 31, 2004

The Bone Collector

Also on Sunday, while I was working out, after listening to Jean Vanier, I was forced to listen to a sermon by P.D. Jakes Ministeries. Well was this a production! That lesson was titled "The Bone Collector". First he spoke of unity in the community. Helping yourself and not blaming society for your troubles. Very well sermonized and useful information I thought. But how did this tie into collectiong bones? Tie in he did! Moving from the community uniting to help itself, he began speaking about helping yourself. You see, when you are down on the ground, having been beaten by life, and you just can't get up and the "devil" is laughing at you - you just get up! You force yourself out of your misery because the Bone Collector is there to take each of your bones, tiny as the broken pieces are, and "he" puts them back together and you are whole again! With the Bone Collector on my side I will never need to be alone to endure the "slings and arrows of misfortune"! P.D. Jakes is quite a televangelist. I was very inspired by his words. I can understand why these services are standing room only. Every Sunday, you get to dress up, go with your loved ones to church for a couple of hours, hear some awe inspiring preaching, a great choir, lots of theatrics at the pulpit and in the congregation. Then, when you are truly feeling like you can conquor the world, you get to go out to eat a great lunch with family and friends. Could life get any better? Vanier and P.D. Jakes all in the course of one hour of treadmilling. I went home and made a great dinner, had a couple glasses of wine and watched T.V. with my husband. A great day after all.


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