Monday, May 31, 2004

The Saint

Yesterday, Sunday, I spent most of the day surreptitiously reading blogs. Therefore, not much was accomplished until about 4 p.m. when I went to the gym to work out. It is a small gym at our golf club and not too many people are working out at any given time. Yesterday I was there alone. The staff had gone home and I had to let myself in by using a "fob" to open the door. I actually liked being there alone. The T.V. is tuned so that you can't turn up the volume. You have to tune into a radio station and use your headphones. My headphone wasn't working very well so I set the channel to a station I could receive somewhat, and started my workout. What should it be but a series of sermons. Oh Brother!!
Well, since I was stuck with it, I listened. The first discussion was with Jean Vanier, a great Canadian philosopher, humanitarian and christian. He is an intellectual from a very honourable family and could have had everything but no, he spent his life caring for people with mental disabilities. I had heard of him many years ago, but never listened to him. He spoke of love and acceptance of all people. Alhough this man spoke of life issues we have all heard many times before, what was striking about him was his face. When he spoke you could see a light shining out from within. If there really is a heaven, this man will be there. Maybe he does have everything. He humbles me.


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