Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Love & Death II

Today is my birthday. I am well into my middle years and I wish I was 25 again. Yes, I would do it all over. And no, if I had the good fortune of taking my experience along with me, I would not do it the same way. I would try something else. Having said that, how could that possibly happen? I would have to be a completely different person. One change in personality would change the way I experienced life from infancy to adulthood. That would change how I perceived, assimilated and reacted to all the experiences I have had. I would be a different person and would certainly have lived a different life.
However, given my inherent personality and character, if one change (out of my personal control) in my upbringing occurred, say maybe, my father was not an alcholic, or maybe my mother was not depressive, or maybe we lived in a comfortable, respectable & respectful home, or maybe anything... would that have changed the outcome of my life thus far? Maybe & maybe not. It is very possible that I would be in the same place I am now, albeit for different reasons. With a different perspective on life, the outcomes would have been different. Then again, if I ended up in a totally different life, would it be any better? Could be worse for all that!
My mother has been gone for 3 months now, She did not have a happy life but it was hers to have and she lived it the only way she could. Even if circumstances were different, would she have been able to find some enjoyment? Personality is everything.
What do you think? Are we all screwed from the get go and we just have to muddle through life the best way we can? With a little luck, we can end up in our middle years saying, yeah, so far it is all good.
Peace out!


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At 2:28 PM, Blogger AJ said...

Hello my friend. We miss you. Hope all is well and that you'll find your way back to Blogland sometime soon.



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